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a web application for generating and sharing secrets

Fix overflow on mobile for long password suggestions. Remove overly long dictionary words.
James Eversole
Tue, 17 Jan 2023 10:57:24 -0600
Longer pure random password offering. Remove some wordlist options.
James Eversole
Mon, 16 Jan 2023 19:21:04 -0600
Use EFF wordlist. Embed wordlist into executable. Move views/public to assets/public. Move wordlist into assets.
James Eversole
Wed, 11 Jan 2023 15:23:01 -0600
a work-in-progress web application offering customizable password generation and time-limited sharing of secrets.


- Haskell and Scotty backend
- HTMX frontend
- SQLite database


- Generate sufficiently memorable but secure passwords for use with accounts that don't offer better authentication methods.
- Share text secrets with others without disclosing the secret in the message itself. 
- Be really cute compared to the competition.
- Provide a minimal and clean interface for generating and sharing passwords.
- Maintain a clean and organized codebase that can be extended to include more utilities than originally anticipated.


You shouldn't. This is free and open-source software which you can run on your own hardware.


purr is intended to run in a docker container. 
This repo's Stack project is configured to use a musl-based docker container for builds. 
Assuming your working directory is inside of this repository:

1. Copy "examples/config.dhall" to ./config.dhall - configure this file appropriately.
  - Use `openssl rand -hex 10` to generate an encryption key for "dbKey"
2. Copy "examples/Dockerfile" to ./Dockerfile
3. If using default database file location, run: `mkdir ./data; touch ./data/Purr.sqlite`
4. Run `chmod +x build-docker`
5. Run `./build-docker $IMAGE_NAME` to complete the initial Stack build and create the container
6. Orchestrate the container as desired
  - docker run -d -v "$(pwd -P)/data/Purr.sqlite:/app/data/Purr.sqlite" \
    -v "$(pwd -P)/config.dhall:/app/config.dhall" \
    -p 5195:3000 purr
 |- An example docker-stack.yml is provided: `docker stack deploy -c docker-stack.yml purr`


Please send me an email for support or to provide patches.

Copyright 2022 James Eversole (
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